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Elyria Foundry

About Elyria Foundry 

Elyria Foundry was founded in 1905. The foundry began producing castings for the machine tool and gas engine industry and saw growth and expansion during both world wars and continued on for many years. A change in ownership would reestablish and revitalize Elyria Foundry as a viable business by changes in philosophy, reinvesting in people, equipment and the environment. 

Today Elyria Foundry has refined the standard for foundries and competitors alike. Elyria focuses our business on complex, difficult and high integrity castings providing gray and ductile iron parts from 50 lbs up to 10,000 lbs in a variety of volumes. Various molding capabilities allow Elyria Foundry to provide the most cost effective castings with industry leading quality. Elyria Foundry has the flexibility to provide highly engineered, complex castings made right the first time and delivered on time.

Elyria Foundry Capabilities

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