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Hodge Foundry was founded in 1876 by an English immigrant named E.W. Hodge. The foundry started a brass foundry in a town about 80 miles north of Pittsburgh. What began in a back-lot garage in Greenville, Pennsylvania, would ultimately grow into a world-class manufacturing company. In the first several decades following its inception, the Hodge family foundry enjoyed an era of success and steady expansion. Its production capability was changed to gray iron, and a machine shop was eventually added.

Business flourished again during World War II and in the years that followed. The company moved to larger facilities, where it embraced newer technologies. Ductile iron capabilities, electric melting, and the introduction of Styrofoam patterns, all enabled Hodge Foundry to expand its customer base to a multitude of different industries.

In March of 2008, Elyria Foundry Company LLC and Hodge Foundry Incorporated merged, to become a dominant supplier of complex, gray and ductile iron to the world casting market. This merger provides our customers with increased flexibility in regard to size, complexity, delivery and engineering expertise. Our core values continue to focus on world class quality and exceptional customer service.

Today Hodge Foundry and Elyria Foundry are world-class, ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities specializing in the production of some of the largest and most complex engineered castings on earth. The Hodge and Elyria Foundries are two of only a handful of foundries in the United States that can pour a range of highly engineered gray and ductile iron castings, from as small as 50 pounds to as much as 200,000 pounds.

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