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About Elyria and Hodge Foundry


Elyria Foundry dates from 1905 when it began to produce castings in Elyria, Ohio, for the machine tool, gas engine and other industries. Hodge Foundry began operation in 1876 and built a reputation for quality casting from its Greenville, Pennsylvania location. The two foundries joined to form a single company in 2008.

Today Hodge Foundry and Elyria Foundry can meet your needs whether at the 50-lb end of our capability range or up to the largest and most complex engineered castings on earth at our 200,000 lb. limit. The Hodge and Elyria Foundry Group can produce a wide variety, size range and quantity of highly engineered gray and ductile iron castings. You win with a true one-stop solution for all your casting and related value-added services. 

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