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Elyria & Hodge Foundries serve the international market place with high quality, complex gray and ductile iron castings, ranging in size from 50 to 200,000 pounds. No matter how difficult or complex, our group is focused on providing you a high quality casting, every time.  Our significant melting and pouring capacity, combined with over a century's worth of expertise, enables our foundries to satisfy the most demanding customer specifications in producing some of the world's largest, most highly engineered, iron castings.

CapabilitiesValue-Added Services

Pattern robot: Produces patterns with extremely complex contours and planer geometry while minimizing the use of paper drawings. You benefit with a faster turnaround and greater flexibility in making changes on the fly. Storing pattern designs digitally reduces the cost of storing traditional tooling.

Engineering expertise and problem solving: Our engineering team uses the latest computer modeling and CAD technologies to meet your most exacting specifications and complex designs.

Machining:Through our in-house machining and third-party partners we offer a complete machining capability in support of your cast products.

Kanban, stocking, consignment: We meet your requirements for JIT and lean manufacturing with custom solutions tailored to your production requirements.

Quality and testing: We deliver on quality with extensive pre-pour computer modeling capabilities, metallurgical testing and spectographic analysis, in-house non-destructive and dimensional testing capabilities, and complete traceability and ISO-compliant documentation. 

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