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Oil and GasOil & Gas

Elyria Foundry and Hodge Foundry produce a large variety of specialized castings for the oil and gas industry such as mission-critical volutes, valves, compressor cylinders and turbine housings.

As exploration and development for reliable energy sources intensifies, we will continue to supply the iron castings needed in the extraction and processing of these vital resources.




In the rapidly growing area of wind power, we supply mission-critical components such as wind hubs, bedplates and gearbox housings, along with other complex cast components. We produce castings for wind turbines ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 MW, which can measure more than 15 feet in dimension and exceed 40,000 lbs. As ever-larger second- and third-generation turbines move from the drawing board to reality (3.0 MW+), our unique manufacturing capabilities will enable us to keep pace with the global wind industry.



We manufacture ball and SAG (semiautogenous) mill castings ranging from one piece full-head (integral) units to trunnions and multiple-section head segments. In addition, we produce bearing bases, caps, gears, trunnion liners, and many other castings used in ore and minerals grinding equipment.

We produce large castings for vertical roller mills and other grinding installations. Specific castings include grinding tables and associated components, which can weigh as much as 200,000 pounds.

We have developed expertise in producing large ductile iron gear blanks for mining and mineral processing applications as an alternative to the steel fabricated gears used in grinding mills and processing operations. We produce ductile iron gears with a minimum hardness up to 285 Brinell hardness. We produce gear blanks up to 26 feet in diameter, and rated from 400 to 3,750 horsepower. These can be used on new installations, as well as replacements on older grinding mills and can be cast to near net shape. Compared to fabricated welded steel gears, this translates into a substantial cost savings, and much shorter lead times for our customers.


Agriculture Off-Highway and ConstructionAgriculture, Off-Highway & Construction Equipment

Heavy equipment demands rugged iron housings for transmissions and engines as well as wheel hubs and other components that can take a beating in rough terrain and all kinds of weather conditions. Our foundries provide the engineering support and high quality iron castings to assure your equipment holds up for the full-length of its designed life expectancy. We specialize in meeting your requirements for today’s complex, difficult shapes, tight tolerances and quality standards. Whether your machines serve agriculture, construction, forestry, landfill operations, oil industry or other heavy-duty operations, you can rely on our foundries for the iron you need.


EnergyPower Generation

A wide variety of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic power transmission components have traditionally been made as castings. We manufacture these medium and large size parts in volume as well as individually. Stationary parts, such as gear cases, motor frames, housings, and pillow blocks can be cast in our tight grained iron which has inherent vibration damping characteristics and "leak proof" properties, when specified. Moving parts that rotate, oscillate or slide benefit from our tough porosity-free ductile iron. This material is especially beneficial in all types of gears, pinions, worms and related parts, which require a very sound uniform casting for precision machining. 

In the hydropower industry, our foundry expertise and size capabilities can be brought to bear on a number of challenging casting applications, including sluice gates, turbine head covers, gate barrels and other related components weighing up to 100 tons.